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Patent Information

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Patent meeting

Make sure you Patent your Business Ideas or inventions..

Get Patent protection for your business ideas and Inventions


What is a Patent ?

A Patent is a monopoly right giving the holder the right to manufacture, use and sell their invention for a set period of time. The holder can generate revenue by utilising the invention or licensing others to exploit it.

You may consider applying for a patent if you invent:

  • a new component or innovative product - eg a new type of lid for a drinks carton which keeps the contents fresher for longer
  • an industrial process or way of making or manufacturing something - eg a new plastic-moulding technique
  • new apparatus or equipment used in an industrial process - eg a new kind of tool for cutting metal

Patents give the holder the right to stop others making, selling, importing or using the patented invention without permission. Read a definition of a patent on the UK Intellectual Property Office (UK-IPO) website - Opens in a new window.

A patent can be a valuable asset and can form the basis of a business. But it costs money, can take a long time to apply for and protection isn't automatic. You can download a guide on patents basic facts from the UK-IPO website (PDF) - Opens in a new window.

If you take out a patent, it is up to you to defend it against any infringements - by going to court if necessary. See the page in this guide on how to defend your patent.

A patent:

  • applies across a specific territory - so if you apply for a UK patent it only applies in the UK - see the page in this guide: where does my patent apply?
  • is valid for a limited period, up to 20 years in the UK
  • can be bought, sold and licensed like any other piece of property - see the page in this guide on how to license your patent

Where a patent may not be appropriate, cost effective or applicable, there are other options to protect your intellectual property.

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